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Archive of past meetings and visits


Meetings (speaker - subject)



Dr Eric Somerville - Quacks and Quackery!!
Roger Leivers - "Father and Son" - The lives of Willaim Moorhouse VC and his son Billy,
airmen in two World Wars.
Stuart Orme - History and Archaeology of Peterborough Cathedral.
Rodney Scarle - "Silver pennies - striking coins at the Huntingdon Mint".
Clive Beeke - "The History of Ramsey Abbey, 969AD to 1539AD"
Richard Gibbons - "Nuclear Protests during the Cold War Period"
Richard Carter - "Huntingdonshire Airfields"
Diana Boston - Life and Achievements of Lucy Boston


Bridget Flanagan - Diaries of 19th Century St Ivians
Richard Carter - Mysterious Photos at the Norris Museum
Liz Davies - Crime and Punishment in Victorian St Neots
Stuart Orme - The World Turned Upside Down (Everyday Life during the Civil War)
Bridget Flanagan and Keith Grimwade - Watermills between St Ives and Brampton
Sarah Doig - The Rise and Decline of Victorian Reading Rooms in East Anglia
Becky Proctor - History of Royal Papworth Hospital, 1918 to 2018
Richard Storey - Grafham Water

Garden Party
St Neots Museum
Kimbolton Castle


Dr Eric Somerville - Opium eating in the Fens
Liz Davies - Mr Bartlett begs to inform.......
Roger Mould - Ramsey Abbey Community Archeological Project
Stuart Orme - Flag Fen to Must Farm.
Simon Clemmow - Religion in 18th Century Huntingdonshire

Burwell Museum
Bourn Mill


Bridget Flanagan - A Commanding View: The Houses and Gardens of Houghton Hill (digital presentation)
Bob Bates - Pye in Cambridge (digital presentation)
Robin Waters - Geographies of the Hemingfords (digital presentation)
Tony Kirby - Market Towns of Eastern England (digital presentation)
Nigel Fenner - History of Sport in Cambridge (digital presentation)
Stuart Orme - Mrs Cromwell's Cookbook (digital presentation)
Helen Strudwick - The History of the Fitzwilliam Museum and current activity (digital presentation)
Mike Petty - Sherlock Holmes in Cambridge (digital presentation)
Bridget Flanagan - Ancient Routes and Modern Roads (digital presentation)

All visits cancelled
due to the Corona Virus


Roger Leivers - House of Spies
Bill Franklin - Enclosures in 18th Century Huntingdonshire
Jim Blackwood - Join a RAF Pathfinder Flight
Stuart Orme - A Medieval Christmas
Chris Lewis - St Ives as a Riverport

Subsequent meetings cancelled due to the Corona Virus

All visits cancelled
due to the Corona Virus


Stuart Orme - The Civil War
Bridget Flanagan - The Artist Dendy Sadler
Poppy Hollman - Life in a 19th Century Rural Village
Roger Leivers - The Godmanchester Stirling
David Stubbings - Crossing the Cam
Willie Wilson - Imray of St Ives
Alison Dickens - Archaeology of Northstowe
Simon Clemmow - History of Hemingford House

Tour of The Round Church, St Edwards
and Great St Mary's Churches
The Littleport Riots - a Guided Tour
Denny Abbey - a Guided Tour and Lunch


Gordon Steptoe - The Port of Felixstowe
John Rolfe - The Rise and Fall of General John Gunnings and Jane Austen !!
Rodney Scarle - Tribal Coins and the Borderlands of Cambridgeshire
Ken Sneath - Godmanchester - Celebrating 800 Years
Diana Boston - History of Hemingford Manor House
Tony Kirby - Our Local Railways
Vicki Roulinson - Maintenance of Ely Cathedral
Additional talk 9 May 2018 - Archaeology on the new A14 route - Helen O'Hara
James Fairbairn - The Spitfire in the Fen

Tour of Godmanchester
Great Fire of Needingworth
Prickwillow Museum


Ann Blackett - A Wedding at Woolsthorpe
Tim Dutton - The Pathfinder Force and its Tactics
Sarah Russell - Packing up & moving out. The Norris Museum's big adventure
Dr Jasmine Allen - The Radiant Art of Stained Glass
Dr Evelyn Lord - History of the A14
Mike Petty - People and Places of the Ouse Washes
Stuart Orme - St George, our Patron Saint...??
Clive Beeke - History of Ramsey Abbey

Curiosities of Cambridge
Stained Glass Museum
Pathfinder Museum


Andrew Sankey - History of the Harvest Festival
Honor Ridout - Student Life down the Ages
John Rolfe - The Mystery of King John's Treasure
Nora Butler - The 1830 Swing Riots
Liz Carter - The Workhouse
Nancy Gregory - Bridges along the Backs
Ian Ray & Stuart Harrison - A Hemingford Saga
Terry Dymott - Fieldwalk results
David Dykes - John Clare Cottage

Cambridge Colleges
John Clare Cottage
Hinchingbrooke House


Nora Butler - Kimbolton Castle
David Lee - RAF Wyton and Early Aviation
David Clammer - WW1 in Huntingdonshire
David Cozens - Oliver Cromwell and his Family
Peter Carter - The Last Eel Catcher
Mike Good - Boffins in Coffins
Derek Clifton - Local Farming in Yesteryear
Sarah Wilson - Flag Fen Archaeological Site

Flag Fen
Royston Cave
Law, Order and Disaster in St Ives


David Clammer - Huntingdon in Napoleonic times
Alison Dickens - Trumpington Meadow excavations
Alan Brigham - 20 years on the streets of Cambridge
Bridget Flannagan - Hemingford Regatta
David Bond - Parsonages and Vicarages
Honor Ridout - Stourbridge Fair
Robert Burton - The Spoyle of Mariners
Don Chiswell - Longthorpe Tower

Hemingford Manor
Stamford Tour
Kimbolton Castle


Dr Paul Cahmberlain - Prisoners of Honour
Stephen Upex - Archeology of the Nene Valley
Mike Petty - 1947 Floods
Gilly Vose - Treasures of the Norris Museum
Judy Wilson - Matthews of Trinity Street
John Haden - England to New England
Mary Dicken - Mediaeval Wool Towns

Godmanchester Walk
Castor with Stephen Upex
Hemingford Grey Walk
Madingley Hall
American Cemetry


Brian Jones - Great Fenland Monasteries
Caroline Sanford - Landmark Trust, Warren House
Gilly Vose - Cambridgeshire County Farms Estate
Brian Kell - Straw Bears
Honor Ridout - Tudor re-enactment at Kentwell Hall
Theresa Hall - Restoration of Grey Hall
David Cozens - Edison Bell
Dr Anne Holton-Krayenbuhl - Ely and the River Ouse

Ely Riverside
Ramsey Abbey and Great Whyte


Jo Walton - Inside a pre-reformation Church
Alison Dickens - Beneath the Grand Arcade
Dr Paul Chamberlain - Time Team at Norman Cross
Frank Cole - The Lindisfarne Gospels
Alan Brigham - Thomas Hobson and Cambridge
Carol Pook - Making ends meet, A Suffolk Household
Alan Reed - Time Flies at Old Warden

Shuttleworth and the Swiss Garden
Crowland and Thorney Abbeys
Cambridge Walk


Paul Chamberlain - Prisoners of Norman Cross
Janice Moulds - 17th century living at Woolsthorpe
Malcolm Gaskill - East Anglia Witch Hunt
Bernard O'Connor - The Women of RAF Tempsford
Mary Carter - 19th century St Ives
Janine Johnson - The Restoration of Somersham Park House
Elizabeth Butterfield - The Growth of Hemingford Grey
Anthony Kirby - Market Towns

Ramsey Rural Museum
Somersham Park House
Black Country Museum
Buckden Towers


Peter Clayton - Octavia Hill, her Life and Times
Ian Burton - History of Papworth Village
Gordon Townsend - History of the Fire Service
John Rolfe - Rise and Fall of General Gunning
Mary Carter - The Hearth Tax
Sue Jarrett - Eaton Socon, Queens, Drugs and the River
Brigit Flanagan - Hemingford Abbots Archive
Liz Carter - In and out of the Workhouse

Down House and Chartwell
Carpetbaggers SOE Museum
Octavia Hill's House
Peckover House


Kevin Dally - History of RAF Wyton Pathfinder Force
Bill Sargent - The History of Pargetting
Deana Hudson - Mistress, Maid and the Men in their Lives
Sue Tilby - Reading Other Peoples Letters
David Cozens - Isabella Bird, Explorer
Alan Fawcitt - Mediaeval Wall Paintings, Willingham
Jill Collinge - Bell, Book and Candle
Peter Houldcroft - Who Built Royston Caves and Why?

Cromwell Museum
Royston Cave
Pathfinder Museum
Woolsthorpe Manor
Grimsthorpoe Castle


John Rolfe - Local Beauty says NO, starts Revolution!
Peter Edwards - Gypsies and Travellers
Ian Small - Work of the War Graves Commission
Sally Sandes-Renton - An Armchair Tour of the Colleges
Frances Spalding - Gwen Raverat, A Cambridge Childhood
Peter Ibbott - A to Z of Victorian Farming
Pat Douglas and Sarah Power - Hemingfords in WW2

Rupert Brooke Museum
Boughton House
Oundle Walkabout
Elstow Moot Hall


Fiona Lucraft - Dining with the Georgians
Bob King - German Secret Service and Bletchley Park
Joan Walton - Mediaeval Beliefs depicted on Misericords
C & M Fellows - British and German Experiences of WW2
Mike Petty - Pickwick Fenland Scrapbook
P Whaite - Wimpole Hall, Past, Present and Future
Bob Burn-Murdoch - Huntingdon Church Restorer
A Denny - Cambs Water Supplies through the Ages

Pepys Library, Magdalene College
Stamford Walkabout
Lamport Hall
Bushmead Priory


John Drake - Historic Gardens of Cambridgeshire
Francesca Ashburner - Spinning houses in Cambridgeshire
Martin Smith - The Hunts Cyclists' Battalion
Charles Beresford - History of St Margarets, Hemingford Abbots
Bridget Flanagan - The St Ives Causeway
M J Seaman - History of Addenbrookes
Lord Hemingford - The Herberts and the Hemingfords
Philip Werner - History of Anglesey Abbey

Bletchley Park
Moggerhanger House
Flag Fen


Peter Ibbett - The Return of the Turnpike
Ken Sneath - The Hearth Tax
Rebecca Casa-Hatton - Roman Excavations at Godmanchester
B Payne - Life in a Fenland Village
Malcolm Dodson - Path of the Natural Roof
R Berrington - Doctors in Alconbury Practice
Bridgit Flanagan - Hemingford Park
Garth Collard - James I and his Local Connections

78 Derngate, Northampton
Hinchinbrooke House
Dean Park
Denny Abbey and Farm Museum